Main themes

The (AACC'17) conference themes are the following (but are not limited to):

Track 1: Decision Support and Early warning systems for agriculture

  • Disaster management
  • Smart agriculture
  • Precision agriculture
  • Automatic data acquisition systems
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Ontologies for agriculture
  • Quality data for agriculture
  • Systems for prediction of disease or pests
  • Digital image processing
  • Data Fusion
  • Geographic information systems

Track 2: Sustainable Water Management

  • Resource management and planning
  • Source water protection
  • Water efficiency
  • Water supply and project sustainability
  • Analyzing the risk and impact on health by water pollution caused by agriculture

Track 3: Predictive models of growth and crop production

  • Interpreting soils for plant growth and crop production
  • Analyzing climate and its effects on crop production
  • Soil-Plant- Atmosphere Dynamics
  • Crop genetics and physiology

Track 4: Land cover dynamics for agricultural systems

  • Spatiotemporal land cover change
  • Land cover modeling for forest & crop systems
  • Remote sensing for agriculture analysis
  • Trends in landcover time series
  • Remote sensing for crop production & management
  • Sensor integration for analysis in agriculture
  • Meteorological data integration for agriculture
  • Climate change impacts & evaluation in agriculture systems
  • ENSO effects in agriculture systems

Track 5: Networking for supporting the adaptation of climate change and food security

  • Using social networks
  • Blogging research and outcome highlights
  • e-learning communities
  • Social media


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