Popayán - Cauca

Popayán is know as the university city of Colombia, considered a "jewel" architectural attractions of Colombia. The "city white" as it is named is famous for their beautiful churches, with white fronts made of chalk. The historic downtown of Popayán is considered as a most handsome and most preserved in Latin America.

Here will find beautiful constructions, cathedrals, squares and museums for visit. Make sure enjoy magic city in their small quiet streets.

This is the principal university city of Cauca region for that reason be breathe a youthful and sociable atmosphere. Another reason to go to city, is to visit the Puracé National Park that it's found in the surroundings. This Wonder geothermal has termal waters, cascades and active vulcano.

Besides, mild weather do of Popayán a ideal city for visit during year.


Cauca Department is located at South West of country, in a biodiversity region that embraces the Colombian Andes, pacific coast and Amazonica region. Has six Natural National Parks: Puracé, Gorgona island, Nevado del Huila, Munchique, complex volcanic Cascabel - Doña Juana, and Serranía de los Churumbelos. Can find a lot variety of natural attractions, mountains and valleys formed by mighty rivers as Patía, natural lagoons, national parks with species and subspecies of the region, develop a scientific tourism.

In Arqueological point view, Cauca is part of most important destins of country because the Tierradentro park obtained recognition as Cultural heritage of humanity due to pre-colombian underground cellars.

Department has diversity of activities that fill tourist expectations. Their religious celebrations make interesting for who look for different experience. Likewise extreme sports lovers can find in Cauca a site for practice.



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