Tourism Circuits Popayán - Cauca


Ambient diversity and richness of ecosystem represent different alternatives for who like ecotourism as thermal waters in Coconuco, sighting of condor in national nature park Puracé, sighting of whales and diving in Gorgona island among other activities.


In Silvia, Sotará, Puracé (Coconuco), Inzá, Patía and Guapi towns are attractive for who want know in life and customs of people. In Silvia town, tuesday indigenous communities market their products.

Pacific region are populated for african descent, skilful in goldsmith activity, making crafts on palm leaf and musical instruments. Cauca department is pluri-cultural and pluriethnic. Traditions transmitted to indigenous cultural descendants, as white and black people are infinites. This traditions reflect the eat habits, in dress, beliefs, architectures, music and religion.

In general, Popayán and the department of Cauca stand out for having a great root to faith in God and its maximum expression is the celebration of the Holy week. It is known that since 1558, parades were held in which people carried crosses , whipped themselves and made penance. It is also known that there is a decree for the Popayan people from the sixteenth century which obliges to keep the facades of the houses in a white color and keep them sparkling for for the great event. In 2009 , UNESCO declared the Holy week of Popayan as an Oral and inmate Heritage of Humanity

Acknowledgments Of UNESCO

Cauca have 5 acknowledgments grated of UNESCO:

  • Tierradentro Archaeological National Park, Cultural heritage of humanity.
  • Colombian Macizo biosphere reserve.
  • Popayán city UNESCO of gastronomy, net of creative cities.
  • Easter procession in Popayán city Intangible cultural heritage
  • Acknowledgments UNESCO to Marimba music and traditional signs of pacific south.



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