Instructions for authors

Submitted papers should be within the scope of the AACC'18 conference. All contributions must be of high quality, original, should not have been published elsewhere and should not be submitted for publication elsewhere during the review period or time of the conference

Manuscripts must be written in English. Authors whose native language is not English are recommended to seek the advice of a native English speaker, if possible, before submitting their manuscripts.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the Scientific Committee, for originality, technical content, and relevance. The final acceptance will be based upon double-blind peer review of the full-length paper, and based on this the final decision will be to be considered either as Full or Short paper.

Manuscripts should include a thorough literature review and adequate reference citations to support the arguments and methodology of the research study (manuscript should include approximately 25-30 references to assert a high level of rigor). All material that is paraphrased or quoted from another source is substantiated with an in-text reference citation. Manuscripts and references must strictly follow APA (American Psychological Association) style (The publisher may return manuscripts for revision to format the manuscript and references in APA style if formatting is not correctly applied. References should relate only to the material that is cited within the content of the manuscript and may not include any bibliographic references that do not associate directly with the content of the manuscript. References should be in alphabetical order and not numbered in the text or in the reference list. Please do not include any abbreviations. Consulting the APA style manual ( is highly recommended for compiling manuscript submissions. The APA style manual ‘frequently asked questions’ and ‘helpful tips’ may also be found at and

Manuscript formatting: Abstract. An Abstract must be included in the manuscript and should be between 100-150 words, precisely summarizing the mission and objective of the manuscript. Keywords: Following the Abstract, a list of 5-10 keywords should be included in the manuscript. These keywords should be common indexing terms. Keywords should appear in the manuscript or be related to the main thrust of the manuscript.

Manuscript Requirements: The length of the submitted manuscript should fall between 4,200 to 6,000 words and appear in 12pt, single-spaced text,left-justified. Manuscripts should be submitted grammatically and stylistically adequate. It is required that manuscripts be submitted as a copyedited and proofread document, including proper use of the English language, proper grammatical structure, and correct spelling and punctuation.

LaTex files are not accepted due to compatibility with journal typesetting program. As an alternative, MathType must be used for all equation formatting. Metafiles for any mathematical symbols or letters are not accepted. Symbols and letters must be consistent in their formatting throughout the manuscript (i.e., italics as seen in each equation for the common symbol “x”). Inconsistent use of symbols and letters can result in major revisions and can affect the quality of the manuscript's content. Subheads should not be numbered. All subheadings are required to be formatted in bold and 14pt text.

Images are required to be submitted separately in .TIF format in chronological order as they appear in the manuscript. Text in the manuscript must identify corresponding images to be placed. TIF files must match the text designation in the manuscript. Please note that images published by Journals are black and white only; for the best quality, images should be submitted in black and white or grayscale. Endnotes will be placed at the end of the manuscript following the list of references. Footnotes are not accepted.

Please, provide a PDF reference of your manuscript containing all the images and tables.

For the first round of review please only submit the manuscript in PDF with images and tables. If accepted, the separation of images described above will be required.

Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and to present the communication at the conference if it is accepted


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